Olympic gold medalists, World Champions, Six meters jumpers. These are some of the attributes related to several of the participants in Beijer Stavhoppsgala 2022. The American pole vaulters Sam Kendricks (Twice World Champion, 2017,2019) Chris Nilsen (Olympic Silver in Tokyo 2020), KC Lightfoot, Thiago Braz (Brasil), the Olympic gold medalist from Rio 2016, Emmanouil Karalis (Greece) 4th place in the Olympics in Tokyo 2020, the Polish pole vaulter profile Piotr Lisek, the Asian national record holder Ernest Obiena (5.93 m) , Menno Vloon (5.96 m), the Belgian national record holder Ben Broeders (5.81 m) and the young Norweigan talent Pål Haugen Lillefosse will all come to Uppsala, Sweden to challenge Mondo Duplantis for the victory in Beijer Stavhoppsgala 2022

Full participant list

  • Armand Duplantis SWE
  • Sam Kendricks USA
  • KC Lightfoot USA
  • Chris Nilsen USA
  • Thiago Braz BRA
  • Piotr Lisek POL
  • Ben Broeders BEL
  • Emmanuel Karalis GRC
  • Ernest Obiena PHL
  • Menno Vloon , NLD
  • Pål Haugen Lillefosse , NOR